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How You Can Upgrade Your Bitdefender Antivirus Product?


































With all the latest technology to detect online viruses and malware, Bitdefender allows you to scan your system entirely, so you can easily browse to it. Bitdefender is one of the optimum antivirus that provides you strong protection against the malicious. If you are observing any suspicious activity on your device or your system reacting sluggishly then this may be due to a virus infection. To rectify this snag you need to run an antivirus which can appropriately remove the viruses.


If you are looking to upgrade your antivirus be specific while selecting it. Bitdefender provides various products for different needs such as total security, antivirus plus, internet security, family pack, gravityZone Advanced Business Security, etc. Its every product completes the different requirements of the users. Its business product is primarily designed to fulfill the business requirements and scan heavy files, connect more devices with one subscription and other plenty of things that are not available on home products. If you’re wondering to upgrade your Bitdefender antivirus Internet security to antivirus plus, continue reading this account and find the steps. 


Following are the steps you are supposed to follow to upgrade your Bitdefender antivirus-


  • Double click on the Bitdefender antivirus, click on one of the inactive modules.
  • Now you will be redirected to a page where you can buy an upgrade product you want.
  • Once you select the product and add it to the cart, you will be required to follow the demanded instruction.
  • When you successfully completed the instruction then the product will automatically be downloaded on your device.
  • Now via email, you will receive all important information about the product.

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